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Syrian refugees are looking for hope, but they may not find it in the U.S. if our politicians continue to block their passage.

Turning Our Backs on American Values and Succumbing to Fear

We all know the story.  Bashar al-Assad’s atrocities in Syria have created a power vacuum in the Middle East, one filled by the ruthless tendencies of ISIS, prompting more than four million people to flee in search of a better, and safer, future.  This is what spurred President Obama to […]

While many refugees have fled to Europe, many more remain in massive refugee camps in the Middle East.

Where Will the Refugees Go?

We’ve all been duped.  We aren’t humans after all; we’re amphibians, frogs to be exact.   And we’ve been sitting in boiling water for too long and now we have to face the consequences.  Over four years ago, the Syrian Civil War broke out, bringing instability to an already precarious region.  […]

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