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Can Putin prevent Russia from collapsing?

Peril for Putin

With the conflict in Crimea cooling down for the moment, Putin decided to open up a new front on Russia’s eastern border, only this time with one of Russia’s staunchest allies: China. In late November, Russian President Vladimir Putin released his two pet Siberian tigers into the wild, only to […]

by · January 3, 2015 · World
Can Vladimir Putin annex more land for Russia in Finland? Image by Russian government.

Putin’s Hit List: Is Finland Next?

Even though Russian President Vladimir Putin has illegally invaded and annexed Crimea, all President Obama can do now is sit back and watch. Mr. Obama can’t take any military action, as Ukraine is not part of NATO and any deployment of troops would not be for the protection of a […]

by · April 16, 2014 · World
Russian President Vladimir Putin has staked his country's reputation on a successful Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Image by Russian government.

Tensions in Sochi

Deadly bombings. Harsh legislation. Tense relations. These are only some of the problems facing the leaders of Russia as the Sochi Winter Olympics enters its second week. President Vladmir Putin has certainly made a name of himself this past year or so, transforming Russia from the classic Soviet socialist government […]

by · February 13, 2014 · World
The man himself: JFK.

Conspiraception: The Conspiracy within the Conspiracy [Satire]

As you know, I, Jack Zukin, have been fighting for the middle class American’s right to the truth since the beginning of my time here as a writer at BPR. I have personally uncovered the darkest secrets of our political system, including Obama’s plot to transform our country into his […]

by · December 9, 2013 · Features and Opinion
Vladimir Putin in 2008. By Kremlin.

From Russia with Love

Only weeks after blasting the United States for spying on its own citizens and on other nations through the NSA, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, was caught trying to secretly collect information on foreign countries at the recent G20 summit in St. Petersburg. Putin and other Russian officials were giving […]

by · November 11, 2013 · Features and Opinion, World