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Obama: second term president or second semester senior? (Satire)

Obama: second term president or second semester senior? (Satire)

With Obama’s term wrapping up, he looks to take his foot off of the pedal. In an off the record interview, Obama admitted that he ran for president just to spice up his New World Order application. “The New World Order is the Ivy of secret societies you know,” he […]

by · April 23, 2016 · Features and Opinion
Rahm Emanuel was recently reelected.

Blue Swoon: How Rahm Emanuel Won

A half decade after the Tea Party revolution that catapulted the far right into national relevance, Michelle Bachmann’s opponents on the exact opposite side of the political spectrum seemed to be experiencing a similar political revival. The heads of this liberal movement (it does not posses a catchy name) were […]

by · April 14, 2015 · United States
David Ortiz was paid by Samsung to take a selfie with President Obama a few weeks ago. Image by David Ortiz.

The Selfie to End All Selfies: Samsung Goes Too Far to Market Its Products

A long time ago, Justin Long tried to stay relevant by appearing in a series of commercials as the personification of an Apple product who always argued with his PC counterpart. While this may have only been a few years ago, I say a “long time ago” because this was […]

by · May 6, 2014 · United States, World
Obamacare: More Like Obama I Don’t Care (Satire)

Obamacare: More Like Obama I Don’t Care (Satire)

You thought that 95% on your Healy paper was impressive. Think again. Czar Obama finally reached his enrollment goal for the Affordable Care Act exchanges after their rocky rollout last October. According to revised figures posted earlier this week, 7.5 million Americans have now signed up for the mandatory healthcare […]

by · April 15, 2014 · Features and Opinion
The interior of the headquarters of the National Security Agency in June 2013.

Looming Battle: Why Reforming the NSA Is Riskier than It Looks

Today, internet and mobile communication play a huge role in our daily lives. People from one country can now talk to people in another nation thousands of miles away, instantly. The sad reality is that terrorists have also learned to adapt this technology to their advantage. This persistent threat of […]

by · February 5, 2014 · United States