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Polar bears can only outrun climate change for so long, making it imperative that we allow them to enter the U.S.

Republicans Bar Polar Bears Fleeing Climate Change from Entering U.S. (Satire)

In a distressingly polarphobic move, Republican candidates and conservatives in Congress have called on the U.S. to restrict the immigration of polar bears, which have lost their homes due to melting ice. To justify this, Senator Ted Cruz explains, “The liberal media wants you to think that rising temperatures are […]

by · December 9, 2015 · Features and Opinion
Chicago experienced harsh winter temperatures this past season as a result of a polar vortex that many climatologists have attributed to global climate change. Image by Edward Stojakovic.

Climate Change: Hoax or Harsh Reality?

For our whole lives we have been warned about global warming, about how if we don’t change how we live and treat the environment we’ll end up in post-apocalyptic world. And for all our lives too many have scoffed at such predictions and “scientific nonsense,” as many have been content […]

by · April 30, 2014 · Features and Opinion, World