Sanders and Clinton marry to unite Democratic Party (Satire)


True love or political convenience?

True love or political convenience?

Concerned over a lack of party unity, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have decided to tie the knot to prepare for the general election.

“In the beginning I thought this country needed a political revolution,” Sanders explained.  “But now I realized it needed a political marriage.”

While the two may differ on political issues, they disagree more on details of their wedding.  While Sanders wants to self fund the occasion, Clinton’s Super PAC has made it clear that it can cover the costs.  And while Clinton wants to honeymoon to Wall Street, Sanders would prefer to campaign across all fifty states in a VW Bus Camper.

The wedding party includes: a Goldman Sachs executive, Lincoln Chafee, and an assortment of “Bernie Bros.”

Although they said no to gifts, Sanders and Clinton would appreciate your vote.

However, Sanders will not be Clinton’s Vice President because in their words, “politics cannot get in the way of our love.”

Meanwhile, across the aisle, after witnessing the quick demise of the Cruz-Fiorina union, Donald Trump has decided to stick with his third wife for the time being.


  1. If your arltcies are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

    • I went &#12p6;cam1ing  on the weekend just for fun & free accomodation while I was away. It was a lot of fun & we sort of camped in the city, so we had the quiet peacefulness & back to basics of camping, with the added madness of a ight out on the town before hand! Hows that for juxtopositioning?Cx

  2. First, what about *Bill Clinton*??? Second, very NCHTR Alec. NCHTR.

    • Gotta say, thanks unblvielabey for this blog!!You don’t often find a good site which isn’t just all lies anymore I’ve already written it down so I can come back to it!

  3. Essays like this are so important to broadening people’s horizons.

    • Jenny, I am so glad to know you. You are brave and fierce and good and tender. You are a luminary. You epitomize mooeorhthd to me. I am holding in my mind right now a scene too lovely to describe with my inadequate words, but it's what I wish for you and feel certain will find you and knock you over with joy one day, one day.

    • I totally agree with the others…. that you both have great writing skills and I really,really enjoy reading them and can’t wait till the next blog is up. Glad to know you both are doing okay.

  4. frida skrev:Grymt söt tjej du har fått tag i Hugo! Hon ser mycket naturligare ut än Paow och ni passar grymt bra tsm tycker jag (:

  5. That’s the thinking of a creative mind

  6. OMG Coco! We were just talking about you at your thread at TFS! We were wondering if you lurk around the forum or what. Haha hope to see a post from you soon!!!

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