Clinton endorses Sanders in an effort to improve favorability rating (Satire)


What will Clinton not do for votes?

What will Clinton not do for votes?

Desperate to boost plummeting favorability numbers, Hillary Clinton decided to “feel the bern” by endorsing Bernie Sanders.

“I am hip and in tune with the desires of the American people,” Clinton said in her very best most authentic voice.

However, many are critical of this new position, citing it as another issue on which she has flip-flopped.

“She liked him, then she didn’t, then she did,” a distressed voter stated.  “Bernie has stayed remarkably consistent on the issue of supporting himself.”

John Kasich meanwhile isn’t picky about who endorses him.

“Someone, anyone really would be nice.  I’m still in the race you know,” he laughed half-heartedly in front of the fifteen people at his rally.


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