Trump University to Become Reeducation Camp (Satire)

Entrepreneur Initiative or reeducation camp?

Entrepreneur Initiative or reeducation camp?

In an off the record interview, Donald Trump admitted that Trump University will be converted to a full time reeducation camp pending his election.

“America will soon be saturated with worthless diplomas and a toupee-touting army furbished with Trumpian absurdity, insults, and tiny hands,” complained a distressed Marco Rubio.

Courses include: “Engineering Your Own Wall,” “The Basics of Going Bankrupt,” “Introduction to International Ignorance,” and the “History of Huuuge.”

Trump hopes that Dr. Ben Carson will teach history courses, Jeb Bush will instruct “How to Deal With Disappointment,” Marco Rubio will demonstrate how to waste Super PAC money, Ted Cruz will lead demonstrations on how to filibuster, and Hillary Clinton will discuss money in politics.

When asked who would be forcibly sent to Trump University first, Trump admitted that the Megan Kelly, “Little Marco,” and Chinese and Mexican leaders are first on the list.




  1. Broken Hearted says:

    Boo you! Trump is a legendary businessman who will help save this country and make America Great Again! Get out of here you raging lib!!

  2. Brick Tamland says:

    Another Hillary supporter afraid of the Trump. Hillary for Prison 2016

  3. Feel The Bern!

  4. Tony Taco Tuesday says:

    Holy Moly, looks it like a we need my boy Marteen o Mail-ye to be the persondent

  5. Titanic in 3D says:

    Rekt. Oh so rekt

  6. 你没有寒意

  7. At least he aint a Canadian like lyen ted

  8. Laurie GIbson says:

    Great satirical article! Sometimes the best approach an absurd situation is humor. Very well done!

    • Hallo Andi, vielen Dank für Deine Antwort. Schön, dass ich auch gleich noch was gelernt habe durch Deinen Kommentar. Da ich mein Ubuntu (aus diversen Gründen) nochmal neu insrtllieaen muss, werde ich mal schauen ob das jetzt dann automatisch geschieht. Ich halte Dich auf dem Laufenden ;)Viele Grüße

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    • I am so sick of this “love the sinner, hate the sin” crap. The only way you would love any of us is for us to become celibate and isolated. That is too high a price for us to pay. Gayness is a core part of who we are. Would you give up acting as a heterosexual for friendship’s sake? I think not.

    • Oh Kendra, I am so sorry for getting back to you so late, had two weeks of hell and I am going to reply back to your e-mail.. please forgive me!I am doing mine this week. late as ever but I don’t want to skip it, this looks fabulous though… the photos, the pictures, you did a perfect job!!!!

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    • oh my gosh this is so awesome!! for Miranda i think it’d have to be the first one. I mean she does have color streaks in the book. For Della i think number four fits the best.

    • Les bébêtes à 4 pattes sont très photogéniques et ont l’air intelligentes. Peut-on en dire autant des bébêtes à deux pattes? Il y en a qui sautent et il y en a qui tirent la langue. Dans quel état allez-vous rentrer? Au moins vous avez l’air de bien vous amuser.

    • I think Kirstie learnt from you!! :)Fab poodle prints. Love the shape of the blouse, gorgeous print. Lovely of Alex, it's great having such gorgeous friends blogging isn't it. xxx

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