Democratic Debates Remind Martin O’Malley of Third-Wheeling in Middle School (Satire)

Martin O'Malley: Forgotten politician or excluded middle schooler?

Martin O’Malley: Forgotten politician or excluded middle schooler?

A tearful Martin O’Malley exited the debate stage claiming that he just “wanted to fit in with the senior citizens for once.”

“Bernie and Hillary only had eyes for each other.  During the commercial break I had no one to talk to,” he lamented.

Adding fuel to the fire of O’Malley’s disappointment was that fact that he was somehow overlooked when Sanders and Clinton went out to get some Colonel Sander’s fried chicken after a hard night of debating.

As tension and anxiety mount, O’Malley is starting to explore spending more time with other, more eccentric cliques.

“To be honest, I’ve been looking across the aisle a bit.  They’re just so accepting.  Even libertarians, moguls, and Ted Cruz are welcomed,” he remarked.

Rand Paul however would like to remind us that he welcomes being the ninth wheel on stage.


“Governor O’Malley Portrait” by MarylandGovPics – Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons –

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