Putin’s Hit List: Is Finland Next?

Even though Russian President Vladimir Putin has illegally invaded and annexed Crimea, all President Obama can do now is sit back and watch. Mr. Obama can’t take any military action, as Ukraine is not part of NATO and any deployment of troops would not be for the protection of a NATO member. The only question that remains is: what does Putin have planned next after his annexation of Crimea? Recently, former Russian adviser Andrej Illarionov leaked that Putin may be gunning for even more territory in former Soviet states like Estonia and Belarus, as well as in neighboring Finland, as part of his larger roadmap for Russian expansion. Finland, like Ukraine, is not part of NATO (even though the country is more difficult to invade than Crimea because it’s part of the European Union), so Mr. Obama will have a harder time getting NATO to act on behalf on the Finnish people in case of a Russian attack. Although his report is in some ways just speculation, Illarionov insists that Moscow believes Finnish independence in 1917 was treasonous to the Russian Empire.

Can Vladimir Putin annex more land for Russia in Finland? Image by Russian government.

Ever since the success of the Euromaidan revolts and the Crimea annexation in February, Russia-U.S. relations have become icy. Many analysts argue that the Crimean strike may only be the first in a series of attacks which will bring America and Russia closer to a “hybrid cold war”. The parallels may go even beyond the old Soviet-American Iron Curtain. At the beginning of World War II, Hitler first annexed Austria and then invaded Czechoslovakia, all while the West turned a blind eye. The similarities here are too telling to ignore, and all signs point to one conclusion: the United States and Europe must learn history, or be bound to repeat it. Now if Putin does actually invade Finland, like his adviser suggests he will, will freezing assets be enough to stop him? I personally feel that if the Russian president does decide to invade multiple European and Asian countries which are closely allied with the West but are not part of NATO, the U.S. will need to do more than just threaten Moscow with sanctions.

But the main question is: what can America do? What should the U.S. invoke or implement to prevent Putin from annexing other countries? This is where President Obama’s advisers and Congress need to be careful. Many critics claim that the United States needs to take military action and deploy troops to fight against Russia, but I would say otherwise. In the past 10 years, we’ve already deployed hundreds of thousands of men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq to pursue occupations which have cost millions of lives.

Do we really want to start an all-out war with Russia?




  1. What a crock. This is amazing fear mongering. Andrej Illarionov works for the CATO institute, founded by Charles Koch, and is notoriously anti Russian. It’s Andrej’s job, literally, to say crap like this. Nato annoyed Russia by moving further and further east, trying to build a missile defence shield in Ukraine. That’s a form of passive aggression, or defensive, but geopolitically offensive. Imagine what the states would do if Russia started meddling in Mexico or Canada, let alone building a defensive missile system aimed at containing the US. This whole thing is a joke re western Media’s response.

    The west has meddled in other countries for decades, whether it be mild sponsoring of opposition parties (Venezeula, Ukraine), or full on coups (Chile, Nicaragua, Haiti), or supplying of weapons to Armies who are invading countries (Iraq in Iraq/Iran war, Indonesia invading East Timor). And I can guarantee tons of incidents, violent, and non-violent that we don’t know about and will never know about.

    Mix all that together with the bombing of Cambodia (10million tons of bombs dropped – illegally), Laos, Vietnam War, etc etc.

    Who gives them the right to whine and complain?

    All I have to say is, “when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers” (African proverb). The elephants being Nato and Russia, the grass being the humans beings of Ukraine.

  2. Who invaded crimea? I must of died and gone to an alternative universe.
    My understanding is that the freely elected government of Ukraine is in exile. The Junta working out of Kiev is now turning Ukraines military against the civil population, in what can only be described as mass murder. And the West, EU and NATO support this. The UN is now filing reports and lieing about the events, it is time for the UN to be disbanded. Evil people do evil things and then lie about it.

  3. I have to say one thing in this context… Evil wins when good people close their eyes from it.

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