Oppressed Love

For the past few years, same-sex marriage has been a hot button issue throughout the United States. There has been a considerable shift in public opinion surrounding homosexuality, and also an incredible amount of legislative progress in legalizing same-sex unions, as New Mexico and Utah* recently became the sixteenth and seventeenth states to allow same-sex marriage. On the other hand, it’s also incredibly saddening that 33 other states have not made this jump towards creating a more open and tolerant society.

Participants wave a combination of the LGBT and American flags at the 2012 Washington, D.C. gay pride parade. Image by Tim Evanson.

I truly wish that I could understand any of the arguments against same-sex marriage, but unfortunately, I can’t. The fact that someone would willingly take away the opportunity of a person to find love in another human being and express it through marriage is painful for me to witness. Growing up, I believed that oppression in America was all but gone, but unfortunately I’ve seen that it is still present, and all too real. Coming from a relatively liberal family with a homosexual brother, I’ve witnessed first hand the discrimination that is still prevalent throughout the United States. Hurtful comments and name-calling that my brother has had to endure depress and disgust me, and have taken away all my will to attempt to understand and forgive the people who have hurt him. He is a brave and good-hearted person who I consider to be one of my role models, and it amazes me that anyone could enforce laws that take away his freedom to express his commitment to another person through marriage. I understand that I have a cultural bias in this issue, but I believe this consideration does not take away the logic behind my argument that same-sex marriage should be recognized and legalized all throughout the United States.

I hope America can set this bigotry and discrimination behind, and move towards a day when everyone can be truly free and equal, and I hope this day comes soon.

*The Supreme Court stayed a lower court’s ruling that allowed same-sex marriages in Utah on January 6. As of this date, same-sex marriages are no longer legal in this state.


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