50 Years Later: The Truth about Lee Harvey Oswald

On November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy. Yeah. That’s right. I said Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy. Not Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot and killed JFK, but Lee Harvey Oswald definitely shot and killed JFK. In light of a recent Gallup poll which reported that 61% of Americans believe that there was a conspiracy involving the assassination of the 35th President, I would like to put down some of these wild theories.

Lee Harvey Oswald

First off, no official investigation into the assassination has come up with any answer other than “Lee Harvey Oswald did it.” In five FBI reports, nothing came up that would have suggested a conspiracy. Of course, hardened conspiracy theorists will pull the CIA card out and say, “How would we know if the CIA, or another government official, like Lyndon Johnson, was behind the assassination?” They are so paranoid that they think that the government wouldn’t know, or at least, wouldn’t tell, if someone within their ranks was behind such a murder. To me, these theories are simply unbelievable. Besides being very unlikely, as the government was not at the top of JFK’s enemy list, no investigation, federal or independent, has come up with any solid evidence to support such claims.

If a conspiracy theorist wants to talk about the Kremlin or Castro as possible subjects, I’ll talk, but only to tell them that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. If a conspiracy theorist wants to claim big Texas oil barons ordered a hit on JFK, I’ll kindly show him or her the lack of connections between these oil executives and Oswald, who at this point, most definitely fired the gun, with the only real question being whether or not he was acting alone. No one questioned whether or not James Earl Ray acted alone when he shot and killed Martin Luther King Jr., and no one questioned whether or not Mark David Chapman acted alone when he shot and killed John Lennon, so why should we question whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he shot and killed John F. Kennedy? Is it not possible that all three of these people were just crazy guys with guns, or is that too “normal” for conspiracy theorists? Because that’s exactly what people considered Ray and Chapman: lunatics who happened to have access to dangerous weapons. It is time we give Lee Harvey Oswald the title he deserves: just some crazy guy with a gun.




  1. Amen. I completely agree. There is absolutely no doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald was the perpetrator; days before the shooting, he asked his carpool buddy to drive him out of town to get some “curtain rods” in a paper bag. We all know now that this was the murder rifle. He also ordered the pistol with which he shot the police officer just 45 minutes after fleeing the scene under the name on his forged identification card. He’d been on the FBI’s radar before due to the circumstances of the era and his personal background. He attempted to shoot his arresting officer at point-blank, but the officer’s quick thinking prevented Oswald from firing. He gave disparate alibis about which floor of the Book Repository he was on at the time of the shooting before he bumped into the patrol officer there. All in all, clearly he was the shooter and he acted alone due to malice from his political views.

    However, the problem with this story is that it assumes that a situation with any other actors is so unlikely it’s not possible at all; I certainly agree that the conspiracy theories and disbelief are overblown, but there’s no way to rule out for sure that nobody else was involved. Forensic evidence of JFK’s body, even after being reexamined and retested, had been altered and there were severe discrepancies that blurred possible clues to the whole story. We know the FBI was eager to wipe their hands of involvement in this issue, as were other authorities. Slices of the story might be missing, but I still agree that it’s fanciful to immediately cry CONSPIRACY! in the wake of severely lacking evidence.

  2. Concerned Viewer says:

    This author completely ignores the definition of conspiracy in some contexts related to the shooting. In many instances and many articles, the idea of “conspiracy” just means that there were multiple people involved, and you have failed to prove that this wasn’t the case. Moreover, publicly released reports from the House Committee on Assassination do, in fact, leave open the possibility of multiple people being involved.

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  4. derrick wilson says:

    i question chapman as the killer. he had no weapon on him but a book.. no weapon found at scene of crime…pleaded not guilty.. half way through trial changes his plea. theres no death penalty in new york.. he was scott free… no proof he did it till he changed his plea..
    oswald knew the killers but didn’t pull the trigger.. a few of us have noticed the rifle permit photo looks eerily like the face on the photo holding newspaper and gun.
    his soviet wife convieniantly brought to police.. oswald accused the fbi of harrassing his wife. why would FBI harrass oswalds wife if she was a normal russian immigrant ..

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