Innocent until Proven Guilty: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

A video of  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford supposedly smoking crack cocaine back in May surfaced recently when Canadian law enforcement officials recovered it from the deleted files of a computer seized in a drug bust.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at a Mayoral Candidates Forum back in 2010. By Shaun Merritt.

Until a hearing in front of Toronto’s City Council on Thursday, Mayor Ford adamantly denied being in or having any involvement with the video. However, knowledge of this incriminating clip has led several Toronto city councillors and important residents to call for the mayor’s resignation, even though the Toronto Police Chief stated that there was nothing in the video that could lead to criminal charges. The Council has even asked Ford to leave his post by a 37-5 vote.

Should Mayor Ford resign? In short, no. Even though Ford admitted to purchase of illegal drugs while he was in government, there is still no hard evidence against him and he is still able to continue to perform his duties.

Unless there is conclusive proof that the mayor has used crack cocaine or until criminal charges are successfully brought against him, he has no obligation to resign his post. Legally, Ford still has a clean slate with regard to any drug use.

As long as he can continue to do his job well, Mayor Ford should continue to hold his office. Although a person’s extracurricular activities may be questionable, the details of a public servant’s private life should be completely irrelevant to his public persona unless they directly affect job performance.


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  1. You may actually want to dig a little deeper before excusing Rob Ford. He admitted last week that he smoked crack. And court documents were released today that indicate that Ford was allegedly dui on multiple occasions and at different official events, had drugs in his office, had hookers in his office, abused and sexually harassed female employees, assaulted other employees and that is just the start. Every paper, friends and opponents alike are trying to get him to step down. He is a walking disaster.

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