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Campaign slogans evoke the simple advertising of companies and food chains.  In this example, who are we voting for?  Bernie Sanders or Colonel Sanders?

What are you buying this election season?

With exception to good old Uncle Bernie, current American politicians aren’t shy about their love of capitalism.  But we’ve reached a point where we voters are being treated as consumers, with the candidates projecting themselves as some life-saving product, equipped with catch phrases and satisfaction guarantees.  And we play the […]

by · December 28, 2015 · Features and Opinion, United States
Polar bears can only outrun climate change for so long, making it imperative that we allow them to enter the U.S.

Republicans Bar Polar Bears Fleeing Climate Change from Entering U.S. (Satire)

In a distressingly polarphobic move, Republican candidates and conservatives in Congress have called on the U.S. to restrict the immigration of polar bears, which have lost their homes due to melting ice. To justify this, Senator Ted Cruz explains, “The liberal media wants you to think that rising temperatures are […]

by · December 9, 2015 · Features and Opinion