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Syrian refugees are looking for hope, but they may not find it in the U.S. if our politicians continue to block their passage.

Turning Our Backs on American Values and Succumbing to Fear

We all know the story.  Bashar al-Assad’s atrocities in Syria have created a power vacuum in the Middle East, one filled by the ruthless tendencies of ISIS, prompting more than four million people to flee in search of a better, and safer, future.  This is what spurred President Obama to […]

If Carson became president, who would be making the decisions?  Him or Siri?

Siri Revealed to be Ben Carson’s Top Foreign Policy Advisor (Satire)

In the nail-biting last minutes of prep time before the debate, while Donald Trump was smoothing his toupee, Chris Christie was stuck in traffic because some politician shut down a bridge, and Jeb Bush was busy brainstorming more awkward one-liners, Ben Carson was fervently pleading with his phone. “Why is […]

by · November 22, 2015 · Features and Opinion
The Canadian Election and its Impact on the U.S.

The Canadian Election and its Impact on the U.S.

Most Bellarmine students, and Americans for that matter, see Canada as the land of maple syrup, hockey, and incredibly nice people. These stereotypes may be reasonably accurate, as Canada produces approximately 80% of the world’s maple syrup, and that during the 2010 Winter Olympics gold medal hockey match of Canada […]

by · November 19, 2015 · World