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Stolen Valor

Stolen Valor

America has always prided itself on its military and the people that serve. Our country has over 2 million brave men and women who either fight on the front lines or are in reserve units. When soldiers return home and go out in public, they receive a wide array of […]

by · April 14, 2015 · Issue Archive, United States
Rahm Emanuel was recently reelected.

Blue Swoon: How Rahm Emanuel Won

A half decade after the Tea Party revolution that catapulted the far right into national relevance, Michelle Bachmann’s opponents on the exact opposite side of the political spectrum seemed to be experiencing a similar political revival. The heads of this liberal movement (it does not posses a catchy name) were […]

by · April 14, 2015 · United States
The 2016 Presidential race is already underway.

Decision 2016: Presidential Primary Power Rankings

  November 2016 may be nineteen months away, but it is never too early to analyze the field of potential successors to President Obama. With the first candidate already declaring his intention to run for President, and several more expected to announce soon, this article will rank the potential candidates based […]

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the rise of a united Germany.

Out of the Rubble: Tracking Germany’s Ascent to Power

In the dark streets of Berlin on November 9, 1989, crowds flocked to the Berlin Wall, eager to tear down the physical manifestation of German disunity. Less than one year later, the formerly occupied nation emerged once again as a single political entity and country to be reckoned with. Fast […]

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