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An Afghan man holds up a stained purple finger indicating that he cast his ballot. Image by Chris Allison.

Turning Point: Afghanistan Chooses a New President

As rain pelted the shrouded men entering the Wazir Akbar Khan Mosque in Kabul on April 5, attendants inside rushed back and forth, trying to minimize damage and prevent further chaos. Luckily, the problem they were responding to wasn’t a suicide bomber, but an altogether different and far more pleasant […]

by · May 12, 2014 · World
David Ortiz was paid by Samsung to take a selfie with President Obama a few weeks ago. Image by David Ortiz.

The Selfie to End All Selfies: Samsung Goes Too Far to Market Its Products

A long time ago, Justin Long tried to stay relevant by appearing in a series of commercials as the personification of an Apple product who always argued with his PC counterpart. While this may have only been a few years ago, I say a “long time ago” because this was […]

by · May 6, 2014 · United States, World
The Lexington Reservoir, seen here during the summer of 2008, is well below capacity for this time of year. Image by Simon Davison.

Parched California: The Golden State’s Severe Drought

President Obama visited Fresno back in February to talk to farmers struggling to make ends meet during this past winter, which was one of the driest on record in California. With countless frightening statistics being released daily, it’s hard not to be scared about the forthcoming consequences of this inevitable […]

by · May 1, 2014 · California