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Chicago experienced harsh winter temperatures this past season as a result of a polar vortex that many climatologists have attributed to global climate change. Image by Edward Stojakovic.

Climate Change: Hoax or Harsh Reality?

For our whole lives we have been warned about global warming, about how if we don’t change how we live and treat the environment we’ll end up in post-apocalyptic world. And for all our lives too many have scoffed at such predictions and “scientific nonsense,” as many have been content […]

by · April 30, 2014 · Features and Opinion, World
Image owned by CBS (no free equivalent image was available).

Last Forever: The Right Ending for How I Met Your Mother

When How I Met Your Mother ended a month ago, most people were still in a state of shock. What were Carter Bays and Craig Thomas even thinking when they killed off the Mother in less than 50 minutes after spending a season building up her character? It’s right for fans to […]

by · April 29, 2014 · Features and Opinion
GM CEO Mary Barra testifies before Congress about GM's defective ignition switch. The switch involved a spring that was too weak and would collapse under heavy weight from the key. Image by Forbes (no free equivalent image of Barra was available).

Deadly Error: GM’s Faulty Ignition Switch

In February 2014, General Motors, one of the biggest American automotive conglomerates, recalled almost 1.6 million of its cars due to a defect. Since then, the recall has expanded by almost a million cars, topping 2.6 million as of March 28. Some of the cars recalled include those of some […]

Can Vladimir Putin annex more land for Russia in Finland? Image by Russian government.

Putin’s Hit List: Is Finland Next?

Even though Russian President Vladimir Putin has illegally invaded and annexed Crimea, all President Obama can do now is sit back and watch. Mr. Obama can’t take any military action, as Ukraine is not part of NATO and any deployment of troops would not be for the protection of a […]

by · April 16, 2014 · World
Obamacare: More Like Obama I Don’t Care (Satire)

Obamacare: More Like Obama I Don’t Care (Satire)

You thought that 95% on your Healy paper was impressive. Think again. Czar Obama finally reached his enrollment goal for the Affordable Care Act exchanges after their rocky rollout last October. According to revised figures posted earlier this week, 7.5 million Americans have now signed up for the mandatory healthcare […]

by · April 15, 2014 · Features and Opinion
Subsidies and How the Government Can Fix Them

Subsidies and How the Government Can Fix Them

What do 18th century fur trappers, the Transcontinental Railroad, the airplane and the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 have in common? They were all disasters. Why? Government money. The fact of the matter is that the United States federal government is terrible at subsidizing innovation. In the 1700′s, the Feds […]

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently won over 45% of the vote in local elections, a big victory for both him and his party, the AKP. Image by World Economic Forum.

Back on Top: What Erdogan’s Local Elections Victory Means for Turkey

With all the recent tension and turmoil following the ousting of Ukraine’s former leader Viktor Yanukovych and Russia’s subsequent invasion of Crimea, it’s easy to forget about some of the other nations in Eastern Europe. For example, look at Turkey. Even in the face of protests similar to those leading […]

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The NSA, Big Data, and Privacy (and Captain America)

The NSA, Big Data, and Privacy (and Captain America)

WARNING:  This article contains major spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If you have not yet watched the film, I recommend that a. you do so, and b. you do not read this article yet. Thank you in advance for preventing me from ruining your movie-watching and article-reading experiences. In […]

2014 Midterm Election Map

Golden Opportunity: Can Republicans Recapture the Senate in 2014?

The November midterm elections are approaching quickly. These races will place the seats of all senators who were last elected in 2008 and all current congressional representatives up for grabs. Some special races are also being held for currently vacant positions in Senate that would not be normally put up […]

by · April 1, 2014 · United States