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El Chapo being apprehended by police in February. Image by ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP/Getty Images.

The Hollow Victory of El Chapo

Having a height of only 5 feet, 6 inches, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman (so named for his short stature), does not look all that intimidating. He was, however, one of the most powerful drug lords in Mexico and the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel until he was captured last month. […]

by · March 19, 2014 · Features and Opinion, World
This California riverbed dried significantly after a drought in 2009.

Dry Spell: California’s Agricultural Crisis

Many Californians have heard of and been affected by recent water shortages. Due to the abnormally dry season we have been having, California’s water supply has slowly dwindled, and the state has declared a formal drought. Although for many, the problems are limited to not being able to use as […]

by · March 17, 2014 · California
Redwoods in California's national parks are being illegally cut down. Image by Allie Caulfield.

Redwood Blues

Towering redwood trees have long been a symbol associated with California. However, certain people have recently been going into state parks and forests in northern California and cutting down ancient redwoods in order to sell their valuable lumber. Redwood lumber sells for $3-$5 a pound according to National Geographic, and […]

by · March 12, 2014 · California
Protesters in Kiev march in opposition to Russia's invasion of Crimea. Image by 	ВО Свобода.

Ukraine: Where East Meets West

From military intervention, to political conditions on humanitarian aid, to economic isolation, the United States has flaunted its political power throughout the world for decades. But with Ukraine becoming a battleground between East and West, one may ask, “What role should the U.S. play in this looming conflict?”  There is […]