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Rebel soldiers rest in a camp in the Northeastern Central African Republic. Image by hdptcar.

Chaos and Bloodshed in the Central African Republic

The current conflict in the Central African Republic is probably one of the most gruesome wars occurring in modern times. Daily, children come home to find their parents gone. Parents often return home to see their children missing. While the UN is desperately trying to mitigate the chaos by sending […]

by · February 27, 2014 · World
Russian President Vladimir Putin has staked his country's reputation on a successful Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Image by Russian government.

Tensions in Sochi

Deadly bombings. Harsh legislation. Tense relations. These are only some of the problems facing the leaders of Russia as the Sochi Winter Olympics enters its second week. President Vladmir Putin has certainly made a name of himself this past year or so, transforming Russia from the classic Soviet socialist government […]

by · February 13, 2014 · World
One of the most notorious Iranian nuclear plants is located just north of the city of Natanz. Image by Orijentolog.

Hope for the Future: Iran’s Nuclear Deal

On Monday, January 20, 2014, the six-month Iran nuclear deal officially came into force after months of negotiations and tension. Iran, suspected to be enriching uranium for use in nuclear bombs despite sanctions and other anti-nuclear levies, has agreed to halt its enrichment program in return for a temporary, limited […]

by · February 11, 2014 · World
Who dat? Image courtesy of the Kremlin.

Winter Olympics Preview: An Enemy at the Gates of Sochi [Satire]

“Top U.S. and Russian military officials on Tuesday discussed the potential for the United States to share high-tech equipment to counter any use of improvised explosives by terrorists during the Sochi Olympics…” Hold up. Did I just see the words “U.S,” “share,” and “Russia” in the same sentence? Yes, unfortunately, […]

by · February 6, 2014 · Features and Opinion
The interior of the headquarters of the National Security Agency in June 2013.

Looming Battle: Why Reforming the NSA Is Riskier than It Looks

Today, internet and mobile communication play a huge role in our daily lives. People from one country can now talk to people in another nation thousands of miles away, instantly. The sad reality is that terrorists have also learned to adapt this technology to their advantage. This persistent threat of […]

by · February 5, 2014 · United States
A map of venture capitalist Tim Draper's proposed split of California into six states. Copyrighted Image by Mickey Mellen of Google Earth Blog.

One Man, Six Californias: Tim Draper’s Bold Proposal to Split the Golden State

In 1850, California finally gained its statehood.  A little over 160 years later, this American desire for creating new states has not yet been quenched. In an effort to send more Californian senators to Washington D.C., unconventional technology investor Tim Draper is attempting to gain support for a 2014 ballot […]

by · February 4, 2014 · California, Features and Opinion