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A Rocky Road to Citizenship: Will Congress Pass Immigration Reform?

A Rocky Road to Citizenship: Will Congress Pass Immigration Reform?

President Obama recently signed into law the first budget deal passed by Congress since 1986.  Being the astute politician that he is, the President has taken advantage of a recent surge in bipartisanship by calling a meeting between House leaders and the White House cabinet. As a Washington Times article […]

by · January 30, 2014 · United States
The Horror within the North Korean Concentration Camps

The Horror within the North Korean Concentration Camps

Deep within North Korean borders lies a dark secret, and only within the past couple of years has this story come to light. This secret is the North Korean concentration camp system, which is no longer concealed from public view after the aid of satellite photos of the prisons and […]

by · January 28, 2014 · World
Graffiti of Edward Snowden in New York City. Image by squirrel83.

NSA Reform: Who’s Watching Who?

In the recent months since Edward Snowden leaked confidential information about the activities of the NSA, Americans have begun to understand to a greater degree of accuracy their true level of privacy. A variety of reactions to the leaked information were seen throughout the United States, as many cried out […]

President Obama talks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. This is the first phone call between Iranian and American leaders is decades.

Two Steps Forward, and (Hopefully) Zero Steps Back

Iran has presented many challenges to U.S. foreign policy over the years. In 1979 it was the hostage crisis, in 1986 it was the arms-dealing “Contra Affair,” and in 2014 it seems that the greatest foreign policy challenge will be achieving success in a nuclear deal with Iran. Earlier this […]

Participants wave a combination of the LGBT and American flags at the 2012 Washington, D.C. gay pride parade. Image by Tim Evanson.

Oppressed Love

For the past few years, same-sex marriage has been a hot button issue throughout the United States. There has been a considerable shift in public opinion surrounding homosexuality, and also an incredible amount of legislative progress in legalizing same-sex unions, as New Mexico and Utah* recently became the sixteenth and […]