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India’s Food Subsidies: “Noble” but Not Enough

India’s Food Subsidies: “Noble” but Not Enough

On September 2, 2013, the upper house of India’s parliament, the Rajya Sabha, approved a landmark bill to increase food subsidy spending for the poor from $4 billion to $20 billion. While it may seem noble in intention, unfortunately for many Indians, the reality remains that these food subsides will […]

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President Obama and congressional leaders are running out of time to avert a possible government shutdown.

Uncommon Ground

One of the biggest problems in America is the national debt. With the White House scrambling to find a solution, the United States is running out of time. Something needs to be done fast. With the end of the fiscal year coming up on September 30th, President Obama has pushed […]

by · September 18, 2013 · Features and Opinion, United States
Security Versus Privacy: Has PRISM Crossed the Line?

Security Versus Privacy: Has PRISM Crossed the Line?

Security and privacy have always existed in a complex balancing act. In theory, we would be more secure if the government knew everything about us and controlled everything we did. At the other end of the spectrum, a total lack of government interference in our private lives would uphold our […]

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Source: World Economic Forum


In 1933, the U.S. economic outlook reached its lowest point in history. With unemployment at 24% during the trough of the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted the New Deal in an effort to provide government-funded jobs to combat poverty.  Indeed, programs such as the Federal Relief Emergency Act […]

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President Obama must work with Senator Warren to implement a new Glass-Steagall Act.

A New Deal for a New Recession

At 1:45 A.M. on September 15, 2008, the New Great Depression started. A gigantic investment bank, Lehman Brothers, went bankrupt in the largest financial institution failure in American history. Soon after, another bank failed: Bear Stearns. It in turn was acquired by the mega bank JPMorgan Chase, after a large […]

Who will be the next leader of the Fed? Source: Dan Smith

The Next Fed Chairman

As Ben Bernanke retires from his position as chairman of the United States Federal Reserve after seven long years of overseeing the country’s monetary and fiscal exchanges, two new and excellent candidates shine through the crowd of possible replacements.  Mr. Larry Summers, former presidential advisor and Treasury Secretary under President […]

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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has been accused of rigging a recent election in his favor. Source: World Economic Forum

Iron Fist

“We don’t want a revolution. We don’t want a brawl. We just want justice.” These are the words of Kem Sokha, the vice president of the Cambodian National Rescue Party. His organization is the primary threat to Prime Minister  Hun Sen, who has led Cambodia with an iron fist for […]

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Protesters march on Washington, demanding Congress to implement immigration reform. Source: Anuska Sampedro

A Dire Situation

In the popular TV show Suits, hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter meets a young man named Mike Ross, a brilliant person from humble beginnings. Dropping out of college and living on the streets, Ross ultimately teams with Specter to form one of New York City’s most powerful legal duos. Equally impressive […]

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America’s War?

America’s War?

The Syrian Civil War is not just taking place in the homeland of Bashar Al-Assad– it’s causing reverberations around the world, including in the United States. Two sides are clashing, with some saying that America ought to launch missiles and attack Syrian Army bases, while others fear that another “Iraq” […]

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Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines

On August 25th, the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards were held in Brooklyn, New York. There were some notable moments in the program, which included a fifteen-minute performance by N-SYNC, along with an infamous duet by Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, where they sang a combination of the popular songs […]