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A protestor holds a sign advocating for legalization of same-sex marriage outside the chamber of the Minnesota Senate. Source: Tom Morris

It’s About Time

Earlier this week, 75 prominent Republicans signed a brief urging the Supreme Court to overturn California’s Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), two laws that currently ban same-sex marriage. This could either be an attempt for the Republican Party to gain popularity among younger voters, or a […]

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Photo of the Constitution of the United States of America.The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America and is the oldest codified written national constitution still in force. It was completed on September 17, 1787. Source: Roger Sayles

Do We Know the Constitution?

With debates on issues as diverse as the 2nd Amendment and mandated healthcare raging across the political landscape, knowledge about the Constitution and Bill of Rights is more crucial than ever. Yet even with the centrality of the Constitution to our democracy and, through the government, to our lives as […]

by · February 27, 2013 · Features and Opinion, United States
o speed up the recovery, Congress and President Obama must implement a plan that increases job training programs and cleans up the corporate tax code.

Game Plan

In 2008, the United States, along with the rest of the world, was dragged into one of the worst economic recessions since the Great Depression. Many major banks and other financial institutions realized that they were on the verge of bankruptcy. With such a dire economic situation so apparent, it […]

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President Kim Jong-un is arming the North with nuclear capabilities. Source: Daniel Foster

Adding Fuel to the Fire

On Tuesday, February 15, North Korea held its third nuclear test in a decade. Prior to Tuesday, it had tested its nuclear arsenal once in 2006 and then another time in 2009. Neither of those attempts were successful, but according to reports coming out this week, the third test succeeded. […]

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French President Francois Hollande’s increased taxes have not helped to fulfill his campaign promise of balancing the budget. Source: Matthieu Riegler

Broken Promises

Leading up to last May’s French presidential election, then-candidate Francois Hollande promised to lower the annual deficit to just 3% in 2013 by raising taxes on the wealthy, while also promising to improve French economic growth and create more jobs. However, since his election, Mr. Hollande has failed to deliver, […]

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How will you pay for college?

The Student Loan Problem

With the fabled and much anticipated “Senior Year, Second Semester” now upon the class of 2013, seniors have begun pondering the means through which they will pay for college. For the blessed ones, the answer comes as easily as ensuring that they simply don’t enrage their parents to the point […]

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Peru has adapted its economy to be more competitive in an era of globalization. Source: Emmanuel Dyan

Peru’s Exploding Economy

In his book The World is Flat, journalist Thomas Friedman describes a leveling of the playing field, where dominant superpowers such as the United States no longer hold the upper hand over developing countries like India and China.  One such country that has been seeing strong periods of economic growth […]

by · February 14, 2013 · World
Sequestration cuts are a significant threat to our economy, and must be stopped to prevent damage to an already fragile recovery.

America Hasn’t Dodged the Bullet Yet

When Congress passed a late night fiscal cliff deal, many Americans rejoiced about the avoidance of a huge economic disaster, but the torture that divisive American politics brings to all of us has not yet been avoided. On March 1st, if Congress cannot agree upon other ways to cut spending, […]

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For the national debt to be paid off, something has to be fixed. Source: Johan Frohman

Desperate for a Deficit Compromise

Late-night comedian Jay Leno once joked, “What’s the only bad thing about Guantanamo Bay’s potential closing? It means the economy is so bad, even terrorists are having trouble finding a home.” Though Guantanamo still remains operational, the underlying message of Leno’s joke still holds true: our economy is not what […]

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A militant member of the terrorist organization PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) stands guard in the mountainous areas of Turkey. The PKK, which advocates  an independent Kurd state, may soon engage in peace talks with the Turkish government. Source: Jim Gordon

Turkey and the PKK

Recently, a Turkish nationalist by the name of Omer Guney murdered three Kurd independence activists in France. Many observers thought that these killings would derail the historic round of peace talks between Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a militant faction which seeks to create an independent Kurdish state. […]

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