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The Local Highway Change-Up

The Local Highway Change-Up

Many of us take the Bay Area freeways to come to school, whether coming from the East Bay, the South Bay, or the Peninsula.  One interchange that we have come to know very well is the junction of  I-280 and I-880/CA-17.  This is a direct route for many people coming […]

by · October 10, 2013 · California
An Impossible Test

An Impossible Test

America is famous for the many cultures that make up our diverse nation. We supposedly accept people of every gender, every race, and every religion. But do we? Every day, people from Mexico are sent out of American territory because they are illegal immigrants, and many across the Mexican border […]

by · October 9, 2013 · Features and Opinion, United States
Obama shakes hand with uber communist, and enemy of America, Vladimir Putin.

The Secret Behind the Leader of the Free World [Satire]

Amidst the chaos of the governmental shutdown that has, unfortunately, resulted in the most severe political division our great country has witnessed since Miley Cyrus’ “performance” at the VMA’s, I, Jack Zukin, have taken it upon myself to uncover the truth behind the failure in Washington. During my recent stint […]

by · October 8, 2013 · Features and Opinion
The J.P. Morgan Mortgage Scandal

The J.P. Morgan Mortgage Scandal

Back during the 2008 financial crisis and the U.S. real estate bust, many U.S. banks, among them J.P. Morgan Chase, engaged in selling shoddy mortgage securities. Now, through investigation of J.P. Morgan’s mortgage transactions, the U.S. government has uncovered this scandal and is forcing the large bank to pay a total of $11 billion as compensation. If […]

India’s Food Subsidies: “Noble” but Not Enough

India’s Food Subsidies: “Noble” but Not Enough

On September 2, 2013, the upper house of India’s parliament, the Rajya Sabha, approved a landmark bill to increase food subsidy spending for the poor from $4 billion to $20 billion. While it may seem noble in intention, unfortunately for many Indians, the reality remains that these food subsides will […]

by · September 30, 2013 · Features and Opinion, World
President Obama and congressional leaders are running out of time to avert a possible government shutdown.

Uncommon Ground

One of the biggest problems in America is the national debt. With the White House scrambling to find a solution, the United States is running out of time. Something needs to be done fast. With the end of the fiscal year coming up on September 30th, President Obama has pushed […]

by · September 18, 2013 · Features and Opinion, United States
Security Versus Privacy: Has PRISM Crossed the Line?

Security Versus Privacy: Has PRISM Crossed the Line?

Security and privacy have always existed in a complex balancing act. In theory, we would be more secure if the government knew everything about us and controlled everything we did. At the other end of the spectrum, a total lack of government interference in our private lives would uphold our […]

by · September 17, 2013 · Features and Opinion, United States
Source: World Economic Forum


In 1933, the U.S. economic outlook reached its lowest point in history. With unemployment at 24% during the trough of the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted the New Deal in an effort to provide government-funded jobs to combat poverty.  Indeed, programs such as the Federal Relief Emergency Act […]

by · September 16, 2013 · World
President Obama must work with Senator Warren to implement a new Glass-Steagall Act.

A New Deal for a New Recession

At 1:45 A.M. on September 15, 2008, the New Great Depression started. A gigantic investment bank, Lehman Brothers, went bankrupt in the largest financial institution failure in American history. Soon after, another bank failed: Bear Stearns. It in turn was acquired by the mega bank JPMorgan Chase, after a large […]

Who will be the next leader of the Fed? Source: Dan Smith

The Next Fed Chairman

As Ben Bernanke retires from his position as chairman of the United States Federal Reserve after seven long years of overseeing the country’s monetary and fiscal exchanges, two new and excellent candidates shine through the crowd of possible replacements.  Mr. Larry Summers, former presidential advisor and Treasury Secretary under President […]

by · September 13, 2013 · Features and Opinion, United States