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Vladimir Putin in 2008. By Kremlin.

From Russia with Love

Only weeks after blasting the United States for spying on its own citizens and on other nations through the NSA, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, was caught trying to secretly collect information on foreign countries at the recent G20 summit in St. Petersburg. Putin and other Russian officials were giving […]

by · November 11, 2013 · Features and Opinion, World
A protest for the Arctic 30 activists in Madrid, Spain

Drama at Greenpeace

Captain Peter Henry Wilcox, USA. Activist Camila Speziale, Argentina. Crewman Colin Russell, Australia. Freelance videographer Kieron Bryan, Britain. These are a mere few of the thirty members of the international environmental organization Greenpeace who are currently being detained in Russia for alleged hooliganism. They face a possible seven years in […]

by · November 10, 2013 · Features and Opinion, World
One year after Superstorm Sandy, many iconic areas like Seaside Heights have made a complete recovery. By Kevin Jarrett.

One Year after Sandy

A year after the devastating Hurricane Sandy ripped through the major population centers of the East Coast, has the United States done enough to assist in clean up efforts?  The hurricane, which struck on October 29, 2012, hit directly at major population centers along the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode […]

A Game of Shadows [Satire]

A Game of Shadows [Satire]

If you don’t live under a rock, then you know that the only member of our society more diabolical than President Obama is his strikingly innocent Vice President, Joe Biden. With his seemingly oblivious demeanor, mesmerizing blue eyes, and elfish grin, he’s the perfect choice for VP. But unbeknownst to […]

by · November 6, 2013 · Features and Opinion
Is Silvio Berlusconi Gone for Good?

Is Silvio Berlusconi Gone for Good?

With the Italian Senate set to determine whether Berlusconi will be expelled from Parliament, the former prime minister’s political career may be finally coming to a decisive close. This predicament comes as a result of Berlusconi’s recent tax fraud conviction, where in early 2013, an Italian court found Berlusconi guilty […]

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In 1999, there were 28,874 gun-related deaths in the United States. In 2011, the number of fatal shootings reached 32,163. The number of deaths has grown substantially over the past twenty years. Incidents like the Columbine High School Massacre, the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting, and the recent Naval Yard shooting […]

Inside the Mind of Bashar Al-Assad

Inside the Mind of Bashar Al-Assad

With all of the horrific events of a destructive rebellion that has reduced flourishing Syrian cities to barren wasteland and left well over 110,000 dead, one may easily wonder what is going on inside the mind of the now infamous president of this crumbling country. Bashar Al-Assad, the leader of […]

by · October 29, 2013 · Features and Opinion, World
Medals for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Source: Kremlin

Russian Anti-Gay Laws and Their Effects on the Olympics

Lillehammer, Nagano, Salt Lake City, Turin, Vancouver, and Sochi. That is a list of the names of the last five cities to host the Winter Olympics. However, one name stands out from the rest. That city is Sochi. Sochi is the only Winter Olympic host out of all five metropolises […]

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The Lincoln Monument is one of the many national monuments closed because of the government shutdown.(

Land of the Closed

The recent government shutdown has had a great impact on many parts of the nation.  One of the most overlooked results of the government shutdown is how it has affected our National Parks and Monuments. Many of the nation’s most famous monuments and parks will be closed until the government […]

by · October 16, 2013 · United States
Source: The New York Times

Sensational Reporting: Media Bias in the Trayvon Martin Case

February 26th, 2012. It was a cold night in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon Martin, 17 years old, was walking in the gated community where he was temporarily staying. A confrontation occurred between him and George Zimmerman, the 28-year-old neighborhood watch coordinator. Shots were fired. Boom. The rest is history. The simple […]