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Some groups have claimed that the President was not born in the United States, and have also made false claims about his faith. Source: Pete Souza

Misconceptions About Obama

The presidential election is like football. It’s a months-long process with candidates training and campaigning in an effort to win the final prize–the presidency. Along the way, there have been several key debates, fundraising stops, and promotional events. But what really allows me to draw this comparison is the trash […]

The death penalty is administered by lethal injection in California. Prop 34 would replace the maximum sentence of capital punishment with life in prison and no possibility of parole. Source: wootom

Proposition 34: The Death Penalty

Ever since the beginning of time, people have been grappling with the issue of when it is right to kill a person for the wrongs they have committed.  Looking at history, humanity has come a long way towards instituting the death penalty in more civilized ways, as we have moved […]

by · October 30, 2012 · California, Features and Opinion