The State Debt: California’s “Brown” Stain

The State Debt: California’s “Brown” Stain

From rolling hills and verdant valleys where the sun shines and the ocean glistens; to a land filled with natural wonders and raw materials for expansive industry. Materials including gold, silicon, avocados, and orchards help shape the businesses and prosperity of the state. Home to the headquarters of international business […]

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Governor Brown's budget is filled with errors and frivolous spending on ventures such as High Speed Rail. Source: Neon Tommy

The Cost of Being Debt Free

The cost of being debt free may be greater than California can afford. With drastic cuts to important programs and no guarantee of California’s debt problems, let alone economic problems being resolved, the potential downside with California’s new budget is far greater than the potential upside. Even though Governor Jerry […]

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Source: California High Speed Rail Authority

Victory for High Speed Rail

On July 6th this year, the California Senate approved the first major chunk of funding for the state’s high-speed rail project, allocating $2.6 billion dollars in state bonds towards the controversial construction. In a 21-16 vote, the Democrat-led Senate secured $2.6 billion dollars for the initial construction stages of the […]

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The death penalty is administered by lethal injection in California. Prop 34 would replace the maximum sentence of capital punishment with life in prison and no possibility of parole. Source: wootom

Proposition 34: The Death Penalty

Ever since the beginning of time, people have been grappling with the issue of when it is right to kill a person for the wrongs they have committed.  Looking at history, humanity has come a long way towards instituting the death penalty in more civilized ways, as we have moved […]

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