The Lexington Reservoir, seen here during the summer of 2008, is well below capacity for this time of year. Image by Simon Davison.

Parched California: The Golden State’s Severe Drought

President Obama visited Fresno back in February to talk to farmers struggling to make ends meet during this past winter, which was one of the driest on record in California. With countless frightening statistics being released daily, it’s hard not to be scared about the forthcoming consequences of this inevitable […]

by · May 1, 2014 · California
This California riverbed dried significantly after a drought in 2009.

Dry Spell: California’s Agricultural Crisis

Many Californians have heard of and been affected by recent water shortages. Due to the abnormally dry season we have been having, California’s water supply has slowly dwindled, and the state has declared a formal drought. Although for many, the problems are limited to not being able to use as […]

by · March 17, 2014 · California
Redwoods in California's national parks are being illegally cut down. Image by Allie Caulfield.

Redwood Blues

Towering redwood trees have long been a symbol associated with California. However, certain people have recently been going into state parks and forests in northern California and cutting down ancient redwoods in order to sell their valuable lumber. Redwood lumber sells for $3-$5 a pound according to National Geographic, and […]

by · March 12, 2014 · California
A map of venture capitalist Tim Draper's proposed split of California into six states. Copyrighted Image by Mickey Mellen of Google Earth Blog.

One Man, Six Californias: Tim Draper’s Bold Proposal to Split the Golden State

In 1850, California finally gained its statehood.  A little over 160 years later, this American desire for creating new states has not yet been quenched. In an effort to send more Californian senators to Washington D.C., unconventional technology investor Tim Draper is attempting to gain support for a 2014 ballot […]

by · February 4, 2014 · California, Features and Opinion
Merrill Newman

Detained and Released: Palo Alto Veteran Arrested in North Korea

Merrill Newman, a Palo Alto resident and Korean War veteran, was taken into North Korean custody and detained on October 26, 2013. Newman was entering a plane bound for the United States after a 10 day visit to North Korea. However, North Korean officials took him from the plane and […]

by · December 12, 2013 · California
Buyers shop for guns at the Houston Convention Center. By M Glasgow.

Got Gun Control?

On November 1, 2013, Paul Anthony Ciancia entered Terminal 3 of Los Angeles International Airport. While waiting in line at a TSA checkpoint, he pulled out a semi-automatic Smith & Wesson M&P 15 and shot nearby TSA worker Gerardo Hernandez. He then went on a rampage, injuring seven other people, […]

by · December 8, 2013 · California, Features and Opinion
The Local Highway Change-Up

The Local Highway Change-Up

Many of us take the Bay Area freeways to come to school, whether coming from the East Bay, the South Bay, or the Peninsula.  One interchange that we have come to know very well is the junction of  I-280 and I-880/CA-17.  This is a direct route for many people coming […]

by · October 10, 2013 · California
Protesters march on Washington, demanding Congress to implement immigration reform. Source: Anuska Sampedro

A Dire Situation

In the popular TV show Suits, hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter meets a young man named Mike Ross, a brilliant person from humble beginnings. Dropping out of college and living on the streets, Ross ultimately teams with Specter to form one of New York City’s most powerful legal duos. Equally impressive […]

by · September 10, 2013 · California, Features and Opinion
A U.S. Navy helicopter flies over Southern California. California’s defense industry will lose up to $3.2 billion in government funding if sequestration of the Federal Budget is carried out.

Sequestration Band-Aids

As a student, facing ultimatums is a strong incentive to be a productive self-starter. The purpose of deadlines is to force individuals to complete their work on time, whether it takes the form of an English essay or a Federal Budget. Two times so far this year, Congress has been […]

by · March 18, 2013 · California, Features and Opinion
How will you pay for college?

The Student Loan Problem

With the fabled and much anticipated “Senior Year, Second Semester” now upon the class of 2013, seniors have begun pondering the means through which they will pay for college. For the blessed ones, the answer comes as easily as ensuring that they simply don’t enrage their parents to the point […]

by · February 15, 2013 · California, Features and Opinion