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Supporters of Republican U.S. Presidential nominee Donald Trump hold up  signs while attending a campaign rally in Panama City, Florida on October 11, 2016. Credit:   REUTERS/Mike Segar.

Breaking Down Trumpism

It’s safe to say that this election year is none like we have ever seen before: the first female nominee of a major party going head-to-head with a businessman whose very impromptu, anti-establishment, braggadocio behavior enhances his allure. We’ve said, time and time again, that he would fail, that this […]

Who will win: Democratic-socialist or establishment?

The Great Debate: The Cases for Sanders and Clinton

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Likewise, in today’s election cycle, Hillary is the worst presidential candidate, except for all the others. So, with reluctance, I plan on casting my ballot in favor of electing another Clinton. […]

Campaign slogans evoke the simple advertising of companies and food chains.  In this example, who are we voting for?  Bernie Sanders or Colonel Sanders?

What are you buying this election season?

With exception to good old Uncle Bernie, current American politicians aren’t shy about their love of capitalism.  But we’ve reached a point where we voters are being treated as consumers, with the candidates projecting themselves as some life-saving product, equipped with catch phrases and satisfaction guarantees.  And we play the […]

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Syrian refugees are looking for hope, but they may not find it in the U.S. if our politicians continue to block their passage.

Turning Our Backs on American Values and Succumbing to Fear

We all know the story.  Bashar al-Assad’s atrocities in Syria have created a power vacuum in the Middle East, one filled by the ruthless tendencies of ISIS, prompting more than four million people to flee in search of a better, and safer, future.  This is what spurred President Obama to […]

Rand Paul at work: filibustering or wasting our time?

Paltry Politics: The Age of Big Money and Little Action

In a survey conducted in February 2014, only 24% of Americans said that they trust the government in Washington always or most of the time, a shocking statistic but not altogether a recent phenomenon.  While fiascos such as the Teapot Dome Scandal rocked the 1920s and 1972’s Watergate represented one […]

Appalachia is home to great natural beauty, but also devastating resource exploitation.

Paradise Lost

Juxtaposed with lush, green forests and towering mountains lie gas wells, fracking drills, and dilapidated houses and motor homes.  It’s always been this way though, as Appalachia’s natural beauty and abundant resources have not materialized into wealth for most of its residents.  In fact, Appalachia’s poverty rate stands at 16.6 […]

Stolen Valor

Stolen Valor

America has always prided itself on its military and the people that serve. Our country has over 2 million brave men and women who either fight on the front lines or are in reserve units. When soldiers return home and go out in public, they receive a wide array of […]

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Rahm Emanuel was recently reelected.

Blue Swoon: How Rahm Emanuel Won

A half decade after the Tea Party revolution that catapulted the far right into national relevance, Michelle Bachmann’s opponents on the exact opposite side of the political spectrum seemed to be experiencing a similar political revival. The heads of this liberal movement (it does not posses a catchy name) were […]

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The 2016 Presidential race is already underway.

Decision 2016: Presidential Primary Power Rankings

  November 2016 may be nineteen months away, but it is never too early to analyze the field of potential successors to President Obama. With the first candidate already declaring his intention to run for President, and several more expected to announce soon, this article will rank the potential candidates based […]

David Ortiz was paid by Samsung to take a selfie with President Obama a few weeks ago. Image by David Ortiz.

The Selfie to End All Selfies: Samsung Goes Too Far to Market Its Products

A long time ago, Justin Long tried to stay relevant by appearing in a series of commercials as the personification of an Apple product who always argued with his PC counterpart. While this may have only been a few years ago, I say a “long time ago” because this was […]

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