Supporters of Republican U.S. Presidential nominee Donald Trump hold up  signs while attending a campaign rally in Panama City, Florida on October 11, 2016. Credit:   REUTERS/Mike Segar.

Breaking Down Trumpism

It’s safe to say that this election year is none like we have ever seen before: the first female nominee of a major party going head-to-head with a businessman whose very impromptu, anti-establishment, braggadocio behavior enhances his allure. We’ve said, time and time again, that he would fail, that this […]

Who will emerge to become Trump's companion for the next 4+ years?

The Conservative Bachelor: Republicans vie to become Trump’s VP (Satire)

Fox News is planning on converting future debates into a competition to select a vice president for Donald Trump in what is now being called the Conservative Bachelor. “I entered this race single and I plan on leaving it with a Vice President,” Trump recently stated.  But will he find […]

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