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Can Vladimir Putin annex more land for Russia in Finland? Image by Russian government.

Putin’s Hit List: Is Finland Next?

Even though Russian President Vladimir Putin has illegally invaded and annexed Crimea, all President Obama can do now is sit back and watch. Mr. Obama can’t take any military action, as Ukraine is not part of NATO and any deployment of troops would not be for the protection of a […]

by · April 16, 2014 · World
The interior of the headquarters of the National Security Agency in June 2013.

Looming Battle: Why Reforming the NSA Is Riskier than It Looks

Today, internet and mobile communication play a huge role in our daily lives. People from one country can now talk to people in another nation thousands of miles away, instantly. The sad reality is that terrorists have also learned to adapt this technology to their advantage. This persistent threat of […]

by · February 5, 2014 · United States