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Subsidies and How the Government Can Fix Them

Subsidies and How the Government Can Fix Them

What do 18th century fur trappers, the Transcontinental Railroad, the airplane and the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 have in common? They were all disasters. Why? Government money. The fact of the matter is that the United States federal government is terrible at subsidizing innovation. In the 1700′s, the Feds […]

Antiquated cars on the streets of Havana. Many Cubans lack the money to purchase new cars. By Krokodyl.

An Overdue Change: Why It’s Time to Lift the Cuban Embargo

Over fifty years ago, the United States put a trade embargo on Cuba. Although there has been some minor relaxing of the restrictions since, the embargo pretty much remains in full effect. However, with each passing year, more and more people are wondering whether or not these trade and travel […]

by · December 3, 2013 · Features and Opinion, World
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at a Mayoral Candidates Forum back in 2010. By Shaun Merritt.

Innocent until Proven Guilty: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

A video of  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford supposedly smoking crack cocaine back in May surfaced recently when Canadian law enforcement officials recovered it from the deleted files of a computer seized in a drug bust. Until a hearing in front of Toronto’s City Council on Thursday, Mayor Ford adamantly denied […]

by · November 13, 2013 · Features and Opinion, World