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Offshore Banking: Ethically Sinful or Economically Healthy?

As of late, bankers and financiers have been lambasted by the media as unethical and unpatriotic for stashing their money in offshore accounts. Even the term offshore banking evokes images of men in suits drinking champagne and eating fondue on Elysium – in which case it would be called extraterrestrial […]

by · August 29, 2013 · Features and Opinion, World
A U.S. Navy helicopter flies over Southern California. California’s defense industry will lose up to $3.2 billion in government funding if sequestration of the Federal Budget is carried out.

Sequestration Band-Aids

As a student, facing ultimatums is a strong incentive to be a productive self-starter. The purpose of deadlines is to force individuals to complete their work on time, whether it takes the form of an English essay or a Federal Budget. Two times so far this year, Congress has been […]

by · March 18, 2013 · California, Features and Opinion
The State Debt: California’s “Brown” Stain

The State Debt: California’s “Brown” Stain

From rolling hills and verdant valleys where the sun shines and the ocean glistens; to a land filled with natural wonders and raw materials for expansive industry. Materials including gold, silicon, avocados, and orchards help shape the businesses and prosperity of the state. Home to the headquarters of international business […]

by · February 10, 2013 · California, Features and Opinion