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Last Forever: The Right Ending for How I Met Your Mother

When How I Met Your Mother ended a month ago, most people were still in a state of shock. What were Carter Bays and Craig Thomas even thinking when they killed off the Mother in less than 50 minutes after spending a season building up her character? It’s right for fans to […]

by · April 29, 2014 · Features and Opinion
Conservatives Victorious in Australia

Conservatives Victorious in Australia

In federal parliamentary elections held in Australia on Saturday, the conservative Liberal/National Coalition won an absolute majority of 91 out of 150 seats in the House of Representatives. The conservative Coalition, led by Tony Abbott, defeated Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s ruling Labor Party, which was attempting to win a third […]

by · September 7, 2013 · World
Even though a third party can end up with a significant share of the popular vote, it gets a much smaller number of seats in Parliament. This occurred to the Liberal Democrats during the last British general election. Source: Doug Belshaw

America Needs Proportional Representation

People are becoming tired and sick of the gridlock in Washington, D.C., as the United States is headed for a potential fiscal cliff if Republicans cannot agree that, in addition to spending cuts, taxes need to go up for the wealthiest Americans. Yet somehow, we all wish there was a […]

by · October 30, 2012 · Features and Opinion, United States
The death penalty is administered by lethal injection in California. Prop 34 would replace the maximum sentence of capital punishment with life in prison and no possibility of parole. Source: wootom

Proposition 34: The Death Penalty

Ever since the beginning of time, people have been grappling with the issue of when it is right to kill a person for the wrongs they have committed.  Looking at history, humanity has come a long way towards instituting the death penalty in more civilized ways, as we have moved […]

by · October 30, 2012 · California, Features and Opinion